February 21, 2018

If It's 4 Me

If it is for Me, even if no one would listen, I will.

Even if no one would read, I will.

Even if no one would see it, I will.

Even if no one would appreciate, I will.

Even if they come from your family members or your closed ones, I will.

So—learn to live for an audience of one, or Two. Or Three.

"When I was writing The Purpose Driven Life, I got a letter from the editor (which I later framed) that said, 'This book will never work. Nobody’s going to read 40 chapters.' The experts are often wrong."
Rick Warren


Suatu malam, jelang tidur. Iva istri saya berceloteh, "Kayaknya aku udah lama nih ga liat abang doa lagi..." Jleb . Sent...