December 26, 2015

25 12 2015

You are my Christmas
You are my Celebration
You are my Miracle
You are my Music
You are my Forgiveness
You are my best Friend
You are my Joy
You are my Journey and ways
You are my Light
You are my king of my Life
You are my Harmony
You are my Hope in distress
You are my Truth or honesty
You are my Teammate when I don't have any
You are my Wholeness
You are my strength to Win when I feel like I'm losin'
You are my Everything when everything is everything
You are my Encourager
You are my Today
You are my Moment and words when I have nothing to say
You are my January
You are my December or the unseen help along the progress of time
You are my Expression
You are my Reality even though when many things inside of me or on the outside are trying to fake it all
You are my 'Tis the season

You are my

25 12 2015

December 17, 2015


What is friendship?
What is a relationship?
What is motivation?
What is an encouragement?
What is hope?
What is reality?
What is coincidence?
What is miracle?
What is cloud?
And we can ask a lot of questions.
But, the most important, is, what is [put your name here].

"Why didn't you become you? Why didn't you become all that you are?" ~ Elie Wiesel

December 15, 2015


You're too selfish not to travel.
You're too selfish to be afraid for most of the time.
You're too selfish not to forgive yourself.
You're too selfish not to provide time to read.
You're too selfish to think you are always the center of the universe.
You're too selfish not to change at times.
You're too selfish not to share whatever it is you want to share.
You're too selfish not to teach, or motivate, or encourage others.


Suatu malam, jelang tidur. Iva istri saya berceloteh, "Kayaknya aku udah lama nih ga liat abang doa lagi..." Jleb . Sent...