March 29, 2017

I see dead people

Is conversation a lost art today?
I see dead people.
The walking dead.
I see them shuffling down the street, foraging in Albertson's. Even slumped in chairs at restaurants.
Their arms contorted in front of them. Their faces glowing a soft blue... wait.
They're NOT zombies.
They're people, but they're nose-down in their phones or tablets.
Even when there are other humans right in front of them, they remain unaware of the other person's presence.
One day, they'll look up from those little screens, and wonder where their family and friends went.
Unless they discover the art of REAL "social."
You can't get much more "social" than actual conversation.
IMHBAO ("in my humble but accurate opinion"), we need to rediscover the art of conversation.
You see, it's not just "talking". It's So much more than that.
It's a pity I had to reach my forties (which are now squarely in my rear view mirror) before I really learned how to have a great conversation.

Ray Edwards

9 & 19

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