March 8, 2017

And He Loves Reality...

 O God, help us to agree on what is true about who we are and where we are, so that we may agree on where to go and the best way to get there. Though we will not all look at our reality in the same way, help us to see the same reality and agree on its meaning for us, whether or not we like what we see. Other wise, God, we will waste precious time and energy arguing from different assumptions. 

Obviously, God, you love variety! You made us so diverse that all we can do is laugh and wonder. That in itself is part of the reality we must understand. We each have our own reactions and feelings about everything. This wonderful range of perspectives helps us to excel, as long as you help us to respect each other. 

On my own it is not at all clear to me what is true, God. I wish I could explain it all logically or factually for everyone. This one I just know somehow, without all the normal rational processes. With foresight, I see the beginning and the end without the middle.  I feel in my gut, and I think it is right, but the part of me that loves data and logic always complains. So will all the logical people around me, God, and who can blame them? 

Somehow, God, in all our differences, and despite all the erratic information, give us a shared reality, a similar idea of how things truly are for us. Lead my spirit to the truth about our situation, so that I can describe it in a way that leads to consensus. 

Some of us cannot see the truth because we fear it. Some of us invested heavily in another view of reality, and we may feel shamed if it turns out we were wrong.  Some of us actually worked to build a different reality and do not want it to change. 

I know that the truth tends to win in the long run, but I need to see it early enough to act wisely.  Help us to understand our situation accurately so that we do not waste this opportunity for greatness. We want the truth because only the truth can free us to achieve our mission.

Show us what is real, God. We have to know the truth.

Richard Kriegbaum


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