November 22, 2017

Where does my help come from

Help my unbelief,
            my discouraged heart.

Help me reposition myself,
            see the vision You have set before me,
            walk through the doors You have opened.

Help me draw close,
            stay on the path,
            stay the course.

Help me soar, run, and walk.

Help me feel Your love,
            receive Your love,
            give Your love.

Help me meditate on,
            and live out Your Word.

Help me to notice,
            commit to memory,
            and reflect on the little things.

Help me keep up,
            keep going,
            keep striving,
            keep rising.

Help me in good times,
            in bad times,
            in quiet times,
            in chaotic times.

Help me find peace,
            find beauty,
            find closure,
            find sanity.

Help me grab for the Rock,
            grasp for the Rock,
            hold tight to the Rock.

Help me to stand,
            to fall,
            to kneel,
            to bow down.

Help me to speak,
            to cry out,
            to pray,
            to be silent.

Help me, Father God,
            Son of God,
            Holy Spirit of God.

Help me read Your Word,
            understand Your Word,
            find revelation in Your Word.

Help me realize my sin,
            repent my sin,
            not repeat my sin.

Help me speak forth the Word,
            whisper the Word,
            shout the Word,
            repeat the Word,
            proclaim the Word again and again.

Help me overcome yesterday's sorrow,
            experience today's joy,
            expect tomorrow's blessings.

Elaine A. Lankford

Image courtesy of Relevant

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