December 13, 2016


Puji Tuhan, setelah menang yang ini dari Paul Smith, saya menang kuis lagi lewat milis Dear Reader-nya Suzanne Beecher. Kali ini dari Joel ben Izzy yang menulis kuisnya seperti berikut ini.
Dear Reader,
Today's guest author is one of my favorite storytellers, Joel ben
Izzy. I fell in love with his first book, "The Beggar King and the
Secret of Happiness" and I've been a fan ever since.

Joel wrote a guest column today and I've included an alternate read,
a link to preview his latest book, a young adult book enjoyable for
all readers, "Dreidels on the Brain." There's also a delightful
contest for those of you who sample his book today. You'll have fun.
Be sure to enter.

In 1983 storyteller Joel ben Izzy graduated from Stanford University
and set off to travel the globe, gathering and telling stories.
Since then, he has performed and led workshops in thirty-five
countries. Over the years he has also produced six recorded
collections of his stories, which have won awards from Parents'
Choice foundation, NAPPA, the ALA, and a Booklist Editor's Choice
Honor. Joel is also one of the nation's most sought-after story
consultants, supporting organizations and leaders working to make
the world a better place, with clients in fields ranging from
philanthropy to medicine to technology to entertainment. Joel's
first book was the highly acclaimed memoir "The Beggar King and the
Secret of Happiness," which has been published in seventeen
languages and is currently in development as both a film and a
musical. He lives with his wife, Taly, in Berkeley, California. They
have two grown children.

The link to sample Joel's new release, "Dreidels on the Brain," is
at the end of his column. Welcome my friend, author Joel ben Izzy...

Here's the thing about light: You only notice it when it's dark.

As a professional storyteller, that truth is central to my work.
It's a lesson I first learned during Hanukkah, 1971. It was a time
when the world seemed to be coming apart, with the Viet Nam War
raging on and our country under the spell of Richard Millhouse

For me, it was a dark time. At age 12, I was the nerdiest of nerds,
stuck in the least magical place on earth--the suburbs of the
suburbs of Los Angeles. I tried to make magic of my own, performing
at birthday parties to help support my family, as we were broke and
my father was sick. Although magic was my passion, what I really
wanted was a Haanukah miracle.

Whether you're Jewish or not, Chanukkah is so confusing it can give
you a cheadache--no can even agree how to spell it, which is how you
know it's a Jewish choliday. But this much is clear: Kchanukah is
supposed to be about miracles.

And that is why I made a bet with God, over a game of dreidel, the
spinning tops we play with during Chanukkah: Just give me one lousy
Haanukah miracle--and I'll believe.

Without giving the story away, I will say this: When it comes to
dreidel and miracles, God does not play fair. Because what actually
happened to me and my family that Chaanukah was worse than I
feared--and better than I'd hoped. The gift I received that Khannuka
was a story I'll always treasure, and one I've held onto for
forty-five years, waiting for the right time to share it.

That time is now, as the days grow shorter and darkness spreads.
It's a tale meant for older kids and adults, Jews and non-Jews
alike. Perhaps that's fitting, as Hanukkah begins this year at
sunset on Christmas Eve--which may be just the time to curl up into
a story filled with jokes and magic, about finding light within the
darkness. I hope you enjoy it.

Joel ben Izzy

Please do email and say hello:
Sample the book "Dreidels on the Brain" and enter the contest:

Chaaanuuukkkah spelling contest!

As you read the excerpts from "Dreidels on the Brain" you'll notice
I've spelled Haanuukkaah differently each time I've used it. I'll
send a prize to the first eight readers who can count how many
different spellings there are, list each one in an e-mail to me,
then add a crazy one of your own, different from all the rest.
E-mail your answer (and shipping address) to:
Winners' prizes will come in the mail, and your name will appear
in DearReader!

Have fun!

Dan berikut info dari Suzanne Beecher.
Dear Reader,

Look what I found in my email...

Dear Suzanne,

I've got to say, your Dear Readers are really something! Last week,
in my guest column celebrating the launch of "Dreidels on the
Brain," I presented them with the challenge of counting just how
many different ways I'd spelled "Kchaanukkah" in the excerpt--and
then to come up with an even crazier spelling of their own.

Since then, I've been astounded by your readers' response and their
creativity in spelling Chaanuuakkah. I have to say, I include many,
many spellings in my book to make it different each time, and each
respondent came up with one I hadn't used.

But that's not all! They were equally creative in the counting!
First came one that said there were 14, then another that said 6.
Then 8, then 9, then 13, then 12 and so on. Before I did the
contest, I was pretty sure I knew just how many there were in the
excerpt, but thought I'd better double check. When I did, I got a
different answer. I counted again--and it was different again!
The more I tried, the more confused I got, until my head was
spinning like a dreidel!

That said, I made the first eight entrants winners and, as promised,
will send them each a copy of my CD, "Lights and Laughter--Joel ben
Izzy Spins Hanukkah Tales." Here they are:

Sheila W.--Hawnaykah (Texas pronunciation)
Kristina K.--Kchanukkyach
Yvette F.--Qhanuqqahh
Cheryl S.--Chanukiya
Patricia C.--Chaaaaaanuuuuuukkkah
Dorine D.--Jhannikkah
Heidi Z.--Honika
Franisz G.--"I-wanna-go-to-Jerusalem-to-see-Haanukah!"

Thank you all for your entries! However you spell it, here's wishing
you all holiday seasons with miracles to be discovered--and light
within the darkness.


P.S. Several folks had questions about the story behind "Dreidels on
the Brain." Here's a little video I made telling the backstory of
the book, which I hope you enjoy!

Jangan lupa untuk daftar di milis, coba ikuti kuisnya kalau sedang ada, dan siapa tahu bisa menang.



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