June 27, 2013

That Perfect Smile

That perfect smile
I long for it

That perfect smile
where did it go?

Oh, That perfect smile
I don't know
will it come back?

And really, when...?

And then
I'm wondering:
Is not smiling, means a suffering?

Smiling is like a kind of way for the day
says hi to the coming morning
embraces the sky
and a new sunshine for one who is hoping,
a sincerity sonata of readiness to face all things
a signet of peace
a peace in any day, any kind of circumstances
a peaceful heart
just like a smiling friend of mine says,
"Only within a deep sense of peaceful heart and mind,
a miracle does come, that shall not come through a dreadful heart." 

A man who knows no laughter is living in a wasted land,
moreover a man who knows no peace is a waste himself

Eyes still can lie
but a smile can not

A smile may not be That perfect,
but a smile may make everything seems so perfect 

I realize many countries or proverbs
have so many things to say about a smile, smiling
that include and related with other people
but actually it needs only one person to just smile
and you know who? You

And then I realize
that I long for That perfect smile, too
That perfect smile
That perfect smile
of mine
and true

"Every problem has a gift for you in its hands."
—Richard Bach 

An edited image from here.

- A reference on suffering--err--smiling, I hope: 
  Suffering Is Not Enough
- A reference about peace:
  [from an e-mail, You Can Have Incomparable Peace]


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