November 7, 2012

Where Serius Learning Is Seriously Fun

The (new) book of knowledge. I kinda agree with a headline of an advertisement I read recently which says, Where Serius Learning Is Seriously Fun. Yes, perhaps learning something or receiving knowledge should be a fun thing to do, or to get and share, right?

"I firmly believe that knowledge must not be walled up in the academy, but must be freely and enthusiastically disseminated to all those 'who have ears to hear.'"
Lou Markos

"Learning is primarily a social act rather than an individual accomplishment. We learn from other people by 'joining the literacy club' of people we see ourselves as being alike."
Frank Smith

Jangan Pernah Menyerah Mengikuti Kehendak Allah

Ini adalah ketiga kalinya saya sharing ke teman-teman di tempat kerja. Berikut ini sharing yang saya bawakan tentang Jangan Pernah Menyerah ...