December 16, 2014

Less, Love

That realization led to an early resolution: to let go of the stuff. Not just the physical stuff that stresses me out, but the mental stuff as well. The endless obligations that really don't hold much importance. The fears, conflicts, and regrets. The unreasonable expectations of myself and others. And just like I made space in our home to celebrate our favorite holiday, I'm making room for the important things. Loving my family. Embracing the work I'm blessed to be given. Helping those who truly need it.

My wish for you is that you can do the same, whether it's letting go of physical things that are weighing you down or making room in your life for love, family, and forgiveness. Because even at the beginning of this journey, I know the less "stuff" I carry around with me, the more I will have in the end.

—C. E. Laureano

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