November 28, 2014


It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.
—e. e. cummings

you are my synonym
you are my antonym, at times

you are my homonym, when we act the same but have different feeling or meaning
you are my homograph, we’re the same but different at the same time
my homophone

you are my superlative
my hyperbole, when I (probably should do it more often) adore you more and while you say something bad, worse, and even worst about me

you are my anaphora, pleonasm, I think about you all the time
my ellipsis, at times, in which I actually can’t do

you are my onomatopeia, I do what you do, though at times I hesitate to acknowledge it

but, most of all
you are my language
at times
most of the time
all of the time

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