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On Buying Books

(Below is my second entry to Dear Reader contest 2012 by Suzanne Beecher, which also didn't win : ), and still perhaps because of my English that needs improvement.)

I don’t know whether this is a talent or a mere coincidence; whether many people experience it or not; and whether or not there are writers who have already written about this topic. But, I found out that most of the time I never buy same books. I mean, I have many books in my house, but I always buy books in different titles. Have you ever experienced this, too?  Perhaps I (we) often write the same topics in our writings, but I never buy the same books twice. As if I remember all the titles of my books, even though I couldn’t remember EXACTLY what the titles are. Unlike Will Hunting who could mention all of his 12 brothers in the movie, Good Will Hunting. Twice. 
The funny thing is that my wife even said, “Dear, please don’t buy more books until we have the newer bookcase for your books.” I suppose she can hardly remem…

12 Fakta Pernikahan

# Fakta Pernikahan 1. Menikah itu gampang; yang susah adalah menjalani pernikahan dan terus hidup di dalamnya.