June 3, 2017

A richer imagination

Bagaimana kalau lautan adalah daratan
Bagaimana kalau darat adalah laut
Bagaimana kalau tidak ada bayangan
Bagaimana kalau kita tidak membutuhkan pendapat dari manusia
Bagaimana jika kegagalan dapat membawa lebih banyak kejutan manis nantinya

I felt right from the first word that I was not going to make contact with my audience. I clung to my notes and laboriously recited with growing nervousness what I had to say. As the audience left I could see my friends slipping hurriedly away. On the way home in my car with my wife, I burst into tears.
Paul Tournier

If It's 4 Me

If it is for Me, even if no one would listen, I will. Even if no one would read, I will. Even if no one would see it, I will. ...