April 26, 2017

Rest in Me

Rest in God by resting your mind one day a week. In this busy, fast-paced, technological society, we must learn to rest our minds. I try to rest my mind one day a week from social media, tweeting, Facebook, emailing, and even texting. I try to take a day off, just to rest.

When I started practicing this principle, about a year ago or so, trying to rest, and disconnect from social media, I found myself acting like an addict quitting cold turkey. I was frantic for my phone. I imagined someone was texting or emailing me and couldn’t get through. I wondered what universe-altering events I was missing on Facebook. Yet I discovered the world went on just fine without my constant, obsessive attention. I found out I wasn’t nearly as important as I had been thinking I was. People got along without me for twenty-four hours. And I returned rested and better able to help them.

Herbert Cooper

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