April 28, 2016

Simple Prayer

I can't.
so I pray
then, I can

I don't have the strength.
so I pray
then, I can have the strength

I can't pray.
so I pray

I, at times, feel unworthy
--just as unworthy as to take this breath, this very air I breathe.
so I pray
then, I feel it's worth it to live
to keep on moving

I have anxious thoughts.
so I pray
then, my mind is filled with
peace--and there's no greater benefit indeed
than to stay calm in all things, no matter what

I am selfish.
so I pray
then, they
become more important for me

I have no more words.
so I pray
even without words

I can never say that I pray too much.
so I pray
then, I still have little, small, simple prayer to pray

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