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Pada Sebuah Rumah

Less, Love

That realization led to an early resolution: to let go of the stuff. Not just the physical stuff that stresses me out, but the mental stuff as well. The endless obligations that really don't hold much importance. The fears, conflicts, and regrets. The unreasonable expectations of myself and others. And just like I made space in our home to celebrate our favorite holiday, I'm making room for the important things. Loving my family. Embracing the work I'm blessed to be given. Helping those who truly need it.
My wish for you is that you can do the same, whether it's letting go of physical things that are weighing you down or making room in your life for love, family, and forgiveness. Because even at the beginning of this journey, I know the less "stuff" I carry around with me, the more I will have in the end.

—C. E. Laureano


Kata serapan yang perfek. : )

Write Down Your Thoughts

I believe nothing helps us to clearly see how well we’re thinking as much as writing things down. I’ve discovered that when I write a thought on paper and then examine it, I can think of all sorts of ways to improve it.
You see, when you speak, you can kind of gloss over an error in thinking, because five seconds later you’re on to another idea. But when you write something down, it just stares back at you. And here’s one important note: Don’t wait until something is good to write it down, or you’ll never write something down. Just get it on recorded, and then you’ll be able to make it good by revising it.
John C. Maxwell

A Belief System

The characteristic I still struggle with is the first characteristic, my belief system. I have become more aware of these beliefs over the years, but occasionally, they still sneak up and bite me. Whenever I am struggling with achieving a goal or just performing up to my potential, I usually find a limiting belief lurking in some corner of my mind. Sometimes, these are surprising.

For example, up until last January, I was really struggling with being consistent in my strength training. I kept starting and re-stopping. I would alternate between thinking, “This is hard” and “I don't need any help; I can do this myself.” (My four-year-old grandson Ben says this all the time.)

I said, “Wait a minute. This is not that hard, but I DO need help.” As a result, I hired a fitness trainer to work out with me twice a week. That was the difference-maker. Suddenly, I got consistent and started making real progress at the gym. Now he's working with me three days a week.

I realize that not e…

Normal Discomfort

“Well, when it comes to bikes, there is such a thing as normal discomfort. The more time you spend on a bike at a stretch, the more uncomfortable you’re going to get. You’re going to get tired. Your body is going to ache from staying in the same position. Even your bed with the down mattress cover and high-thread-count sheets will revolt against you and give you bedsores if you don’t turn over every once in a while.
“Obviously some of this discomfort can be dialed out of the bike by making adjustments and part changes, but at some point the only way to get more comfortable on the bike is to ride the thing more and train your body to deal with it better—and even then, eventually you’re just going to have to get off the damn thing and stop riding, just like eventually you’ve got to get out of bed.
“Sometimes you’re uncomfortable because of your parts or your bike fit. Sometimes you’re uncomfortable because you’re riding wrong, or you’re thinking about riding wrong.”
—Bike Snob (courtesy…

Stories for Cherish

Berikut ini beberapa cerita yang saya tulis untuk Cherish dulu ketika saya masih bekerja di YPBB, Indovision. Ilustrasi-ilustrasi saya gunakan dari sejumlah referensi.

Kereta Api yang Bisa Berjalan Kaki

Pada suatu hari, saat sedang musim liburan, orang-orang pergi berlibur ke suatu tempat wisata. Sayangnya, tempat wisata itu jauh sekali dari daerah atau rumah mereka. Jadi, mereka tidak bisa hanya berjalan kaki menuju ke sana, tetapi dengan alat transportasi. Nah, karena pada zaman dulu belum ada pesawat terbang atau kapal laut dan mobil, orang-orang pergi berlibur ke tempat wisata yang jauh naik kereta api.
Orang-orang mulai berdesak-desakan naik kereta api. Kereta api pun mulai berangkat dan melaju di atas rel besi. Dulu, kereta api masih memakai bahan bakar berupa batu bara dan mesin lokomotifnya berbunyi tut… tut… tut… tut… sambil mengepulkan asap yang banyak sekali.
Nah, karena di dalam kereta api tidak ada kipas angin, apalagi AC (air conditioner), orang-orang merasa kepanasan! Ha…