April 13, 2011

The Background of This Blog

You hear these F words everywhere, either from your boss, some artists, or even within your heart. And many people associate the words negatively, but not on this blog. I will try to write the contents in balance, either bad or good things.

While many people find negative sides on bad things, you may discover positive ones.

I've been blogging or writing for some past times on Friendster, this Blogspot too, Facebook notes, etc. And I'm taking advantage in using micro-blogging of Twitter. But, right now, if I tell you why I make a newer one, it may takes a long time. So, I just create and write on this blog.

The F words sounded like 'thief words'. We are all thieves in many things.

The F words also seemed like 'chef words'. Well, I hope that I can be a cook for words.

This blog will be containing and covering many things, whether in English or Bahasa Indonesia, and perhaps another languages. 

When nothing fits you, may the Franisz words comfort you.

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